PHOAC Community Association Managers and Onsite Community Association Assistant Managers take personal pride in each property they manage and the lives their tireless work impacts.  As each community evolves it requires different levels of management depending on the significance of the project at hand.  Our managers go the extra mile no matter how large or small a community project is.  Projects are meticulously overseen ensuring the proper work is being completed by trade professionals, budget allotment is being respected, and most importantly, the community is not unnecessarily inconvenienced during the duration of the project.  Below are four featured community wide projects PHOAC Community Managers have been there to draft, develop, project-manage, and share in the beautiful end result.  Please click on each picture to see the highlights of that particular endeavor.            




  PHOAC employs individuals that have a passion for helping and improving, are customer centric and ethical.  Whether you are

phoning our office, have an appointment, or attending a board meeting, you are our focus and your satisfaction is our desire.  Being

an established Community Association Manager is something to be taken very seriously and is evident by the longevity of

our community relationships and pleased homeowners.  The years of experience paired with awards of excellence earned,

ensures a team that you will want working for you. 


Corporate Officers: