PHOAC is a service-oriented company.  The methods and techniques used in the delivery allow us to meet our ever-growing goals of excellence and ensure that all clients get a prompt response to any emergency request 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PHOAC prides itself on its personalized services and competitive pricing.  Our commitment to the highest standards in service are evident in continually upgrading our equipment and software to ensure that our Associations are maintained most efficiently. 


  PHOAC began in early 1991, in a small office just above our current location, with a foundation of innovative community

management at a fair price.  Since then, PHOAC has grown into a well developed management firm with community

relationships exceeding 25 years long.  Several of the first properties that PHOAC managed in 1991 are still with us to this day.  

We feel that speaks volumes.  Below illustrates how we keep cultivating and continuing to raise our bar of excellence, further

separating us from the industry norm.  


When presented with the question, “What makes PHOAC stand out amongst other HOA management firms?”  The answer is simple:  Superb client satisfaction.  This is evident in our community retention numbers.  The below line graph presents extensive steady growth over a 15 year duration of time.  This was achieved two ways: 1) making homeowners and board members happy and 2) remaining affordable over the years.  Our growth is a direct reflection of overall client satisfaction, as we never have utilized a costly marketing campaign.  

Accountability.  Trust.  Integrity.  Transparency.  Workmanship.  Passion.  Diversity.  Leadership.  Commitment.     

PHOAC is a privately owned, California corporation in current standing with all reporting, filing and deposit requirements as mandated by both the State and Federal governments.  

PHOAC is financially strong with no debt and plans to remain a stable and strong organization for many years to come.

​Wesley Porter is the owner and Chief Executive Officer, Samantha Emig is the Chief Operating Officer and Jennifer Clark is the Chief Financial Officer.  The corporation’s headquarters are located at:

8181 Mission Gorge Road, Suite E, San Diego, CA 92120-1600

Wesley Porter is a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) as well as holds the degree of Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Executive Computer Management.

Samantha Emig has been with Professional HOA Consultants, Inc. since April 2019.  She is a Certified California Association Manager (CCAM) as well as holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Jennifer Clark has been with Professional HOA Consultants, Inc. since July 2001.  She holds the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. 

PHOAC currently holds a class B general contractors license issued by the Contractors State License Board for the State of California.  This license is issued in the name of the corporation.