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PHOAC has developed a refined and methodical system of services to suit any Community Association.  Each Association is

unique in not only its appearance, but its management requirements.  PHOAC works to format a management syllabus to exactly

meet every Association's goals.  Some Associations only need an annual meeting and monthly accounting, while others require an

onsite presence to run efficiently.  No matter the level of service or number of units, PHOAC is ready to develop a management

plan at a price that is sure to please.          

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A glimpse of PHOAC's completely customizable services to parallel an association's needs.

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Our company prepares and distributes meeting packages to the Board of Directors at least five days in advance of each meeting. These packages are comprised of a detailed agenda, minutes from the previous meeting, violation summary, and complete financial report, including delinquency information.

Walkthroughs of an Association’s property are conducted as frequently as requested or agreed upon.  Representatives of the company physically inspect the exterior of buildings, condition of landscape and common area facilities.  The findings from these inspections are then presented to the Board of Directors in a written report.  Included in these reports are general observations, lists of violations of the CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations, and suggestions and recommendations for the landscaper, pool & spa service provider, etc.  

Representatives of the company assist in coordinating all types of work at the Board's request.  Onsite meetings with contractors are provided at no additional charge to the client for 'regular' maintenance related items.    

PHOAC monitors and takes the appropriate action to collect on all past due accounts.  Delinquent accounts are sent 'past due' notices on a monthly basis.  'Pay or Lien' letters are prepared and sent as dictated by the Association's delinquency policy or as directed by the Board.  Our company works with the Association’s attorney on all collection issues.  Detailed delinquency reports are provided with each month’s financial statements.

With the assistance of ADP, our office facilitates all payroll related matters for Community Association Employees.

PHOAC has contracted with Alliance Association Bank (AAB) to process assessment payments.  As such, we currently offer owners four options when paying their Association dues.  Owners may send or hand-deliver their check directly to our office, send payments directly to the bank, set up one time or recurring credit card payments or use Automated Clearing House (ACH) which allows the owner to have their dues automatically deducted from their checking or savings account.  In each case payments are processed quickly and efficiently.

PHOAC has a complete accounting department.  Client bank accounts are monitored on a regular basis, and all accounts are reconciled monthly.  Reconciled reports and copies of bank statements are sent to all Board Members every month for review.  All accounts payable invoices are date stamped upon receipt and inspected by the Community Association Manager for validity.  Check writing is done every week to ensure all vendors are paid on a timely basis.    

Communication is key when it comes to homeowners and their associations.  PHOAC creates newsletters that ensure all important information is communicated to each homeowner and the unit residents.  Our newsletters are welcoming, clean and highly informative for each property. 

Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  We do not close for lunch.  In an emergency, PHOAC is on call 24 hours a day, providing a 30-minute maximum response time.

We employ a 24 hour / 7 day a week maintenance and janitorial crew.  Our Maintenance Company holds a General Contractors License with the California State License Board.  Both Maintenance and Janitorial are bonded and insured.  These departments are a great option for Associations when maintenance and repairs need to be completed most efficiently, as it is not only cost effective, but scheduling is simplified resulting in faster repairs.

Creating efficiency and eliminating waste within an Association is one of PHOAC’s strong suits.  Another way we streamline an association is providing many items to be sent electronically to homeowners and tenants.  This method is highly desired by many, as it reduces administration fees, such as postage and printed copies. 

PHOAC employs a support staff dedicated to maintaining online portals for communities to connect with.  Sites are maintained in-house to ensure the most current information is clearly and professionally available.  Great pride is taken in offering an association a website that ensures the families residing there are always well informed.

Board Meetings are a key element within an HOA, but not all communities provide a comfortable setting for such an event.  At no charge, PHOAC offers a private, fully integrated, space for meetings of medium size, centrally located at our San Diego, CA office.